About Us:

Top Coffee Spot is the brainchild of Rory & Chloe Caldwell.

Based in London, Rory has worked in the speciality coffee industry for years, and the Top Coffee Spot app was born from the frustration of not being able to find fantastic coffee when out and about, somewhere to sit with Wifi, or just a peaceful spot to read a book.

As the concept grew, we realised that both coffee shops and roasters were not being properly represented and we wanted to create something that would shine a light on their hard-work and dedication to producing a top-quality product, as well as giving back to the coffee farmers and growers.

Top Coffee Spot is designed to help the average Joe find the best cup of Joe near him, and to learn a little bit about what makes up such an important part of his daily routine.

We can’t take credit for everything, we are hugely supported by a growing team, with special mention to:

Gavin Vincent – Web Developer

We Are Telescopic – App Developers

Rhiannon Davies – Social Media Advisor