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Are you...

  • Craving a proper cup of coffee?
  • Partial to a single origin pour over?
  • Wishing for a quiet spot with wifi to work from?
  • Seeking gluten or dairy-free options?

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Find the Coffee Spot you’re looking for…

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Use the app to discover new coffee spots wherever you are. Share the love of your favourites by commenting on their profile page and uploading your latte art shots!

Showcasing speciality coffee spots throughout the UK and beyond!

Learn more about the coffee you’re drinking and the roaster who sourced it; why not buy some beans for your home brew? Become part of our coffee-loving community, joining together to create, inspire, teach, learn, grow, and improve.

Filter by what is important to you

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Search for coffee spots that serve coffee from your favourite roaster. Choose from Independent Coffee Spots, National Chains and More.

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Find a coffee spot that serves exactly what you want – filter by menu offerings including Pour Over Coffee, Cold Brew or Speciality Lattes.

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Curate your choices by filtering by the facilities provided, including Wifi or Child-Friendly

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Get really specific and filter by even more options, such as Easy Access, Vegan or Dog-Friendly

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Each Coffee Spot Has its Own Page

Check it out!

  • Look at photos
  • Read other coffee-lovers reviews
  • See what the owner has to say
  • Check the menu

Have your say...

  • Upload your insta-worthy shots
  • Leave helpful tips and comments
  • Recomend a Coffee Spot to a Friend


Learn About The Coffee You Drink

Search Speciality Roasters

Explore new & different coffee roasters and their individual, unique insights into the background of your coffee

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Your local Roaster

Get to know your local roaster, what their values are, why their coffee is special, and what they are doing to roast the best speciality coffee.

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Whats in your cup?

Find out where the beans in your cup come from, read about flavour notes and roasting profile to look out for. Discover more about the coffee you drink.

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